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Nancy Jacobson, Business Consultant…”Of all the different types of massage… Thai feels the most complete”

Paul Gewirtz of Beachwood…”rejuvenating and relaxing”, “ Thai has become so deliciously addictive after my workout that I would not trade away my fifteen minutes of it for anything”ball

As featured in the Plain Dealer:

“The slow dance of Thai massage"
A Solon mother-daughter team has been making the treatment available to Clevelanders for five years. “

The Plain Dealer,
Wednesday,  August 9, 2006  
People in Style, Kim Crow

Try Thai massage:
“It's easy to see why this tradition has stood the test of time: Though the technique differs greatly from what you'd experience during a classic rubdown, all of that gentle, steady pressure (based on ayurvedic principles and Chinese medicine) works wonders to improve flexibility, release toxins and unravel your gnarliest knots. When it's over, you'll feel really, really good – in a revved-up, high-on-life kind of way. The only thing to consider before booking your first appointment? This treatment tends to be rigorous rather than relaxing, so you won't be stealing any zzz's. Most fans, however, consider this a small price to pay for the kind of deep-down stretch that hurts so good.”

Washington Post, Sunday, July 18, 2004


“Your Spirit: In Need of a Tuneup? Try Our Steps For Attitude Adjustment: Fit to Be Thai Massaged "

The International Spa Association calls it the "next big thing." A combination of assisted yoga, massage, and acupuncture, Thai massage originated in Thailand 2,000 years ago. The massagee lies, clothed, on a mat or thin mattress while the masseur twists, stretches, and contorts the body to relieve stress, relax muscles, and loosen joints. Clients can choose a firm or gentle touch, but be warned that firm means exactly that. For me, candles and soft music softened the blows. Traditional doctors in Thailand prescribe the massage to treat arthritis and chronic pain. Because it's relatively new in the West, there aren't yet medical studies to back that up. I can attest it soothed sore shoulders and gave me moments of drool-inducing mellowness.”       

U.S.News & World Report, Tuesday March 6, 2007


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